Brightest performance halogen without compromising on life

Driving at night is challenging. There is a reduction in a driver’s overall vision, objects are
unclear and road signs are less obvious from further away.

To improve visibility, Ring has once again set the standards in vehicle lighting with the launch
of the new Xenon150 performance halogen bulb. Xenon150 puts up to 150% more light on the
road compared to a standard bulb without compromising the operating life, making it the longest
lasting +150% bulb on the market.

Xenon150 uses the latest advancements in filament technology. The filament has been engineered to
be shorter, with a tighter wound coil to produce a brighter, whiter light output. When combined with
100% xenon gas in the glass envelope, the result is up to 150% more light on the road.
Xenon150 also produces an 80m longer beam pattern, allowing other road users to be seen more
clearly and give you more time to react to potential hazards when you need to. At 3700K, the light output
is closer to daylight, providing better reflections from road markings and signs.

Vehicle Lighting Product Manager, Matthew Flaherty comments: “Development of the Xenon150 has
been complex and is something that all those involved in the process at Ring are proud of. We have
engineered a brighter light that complies with all the legal regulations for light output, without
compromising on the operating life when compared to our other performance halogens.”

Xenon150 bulbs are available in popular H4 and H7 references, which are street legal and are a simple
upgrade from standard bulbs, requiring no changes to vehicle wiring. Xenon150 is the ideal option for
motorists who want more light for a brighter, more enjoyable night time driving experience.

For further information on where you can purchase the Xenon150, please see for
your nearest stockist.