PSA Group ( Peugeot Citroen) Approve GYS Next Generation Smart Booster

GYS announce today the approval from PSA Group for the GYSCAP 500E battery less SMART booster.

The industry is becoming used to the challenges of working safely with batteries and the concept of the SMART charger is now well known. However the requirement to work safely and effectively with batteries extend to more than just charging, GYS have been manufacturing SMART chargers of course for many years, but have recently introduced SMART starter chargers  and to follow this have now applied new technology to producing a SMART booster with new levels of safety and functionality not seen before on this type of product.

Imagine a booster pack that can deliver this functionality:-

  • Offers the maximum protection for the vehicle
  • Extremely powerful  - amongst the most powerful on the market
  • Never needs charging from the mains
  • Always ready to start a vehicle in under 1 minute
  • Can start an unlimited number of vehicles consecutively


A Batteryless Boost

It is a battery less booster, which means it has no physical battery inside the product.  This Smart Booster can be charged in less than a minute!  It uses energy from a vehicle with the engine running to automatically charge itself.  It then uses this energy to start another vehicle. A fully autonomous Smart Booster that is power ready exactly when it is needed and does not need to be connected to the mains.

A Powerful Boost

It has very powerful supercapacitors that can operate for one million cycles (charge and discharge). 1600 A starting current / 9000 A peak current with three starting modes: automatic, bypass and forced.

Safety is priority

The intuitive SMART STARTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ensures that the user is informed and in control of the boost 100% of the time.  The clever electronics inside the pack assures the user at each step of the charge, providing them with the right information on battery type and battery discharge levels. The Smart Booster provides three starting modes: automatic, bypass and forced (SOS) for deeply discharged vehicles.  It is consistently protecting against polarity reversals/clamps in short circuit/ deep discharges as well as ensuring the continued safety of the cars electronic system.

Neil Pulsford Commercial Director GYS Ltd commented, “The GYSCAP 500 Smart Booster is a very interesting development of booster packs showing continuous evolution to meet the now complex demands of working safely with batteries. We are of course very pleased that the innovation and safety critical features of this SMART booster have been acknowledged by the PSA Group with their approval.

To see for yourself the power of the Smart Booster please click on the You Tube link below:

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