Heart of the Engine

Demand for timing chains has seen a significant growth in recent years as popular vehicle manufacturers have opted to integrate the chain system into their engines. The shift of interest towards chain systems across all makes and engine sizes has presented a new and exciting set of challenges for the aftermarket.


The timing chain system comprises four critical components – the chain, guides, tensioner and sprockets.


BGA considers the timing chain as the “heart of the engine”. Connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft, it controls the opening and closing of the engine valves.


Chain guides are used to keep the timing chain from vibrating.


Ensures that the timing chain is kept under proper tension.


Transfer the power from the crankshaft to the chain, to camshafts.

It is also important to note that engines with variable valve timing (VVT) also require additional sprockets specifically for the VVT system to maintain the accurate timing required to function accordingly.

All in one full kit

When replacing one engine component, it is best practice to replace all associated parts. By doing this, the condition of the timing components are uniform to help optimise the service lifespan of the system.

Installers are now recognising the importance of replacing the sprockets with the timing chain, tensioner and guides (all in BGA’s Full Kit (FK)). This change in purchasing habits has surfaced due to a greater understanding of the impact of sprockets:

• Part repair can result in premature/instant failure

• As the timing system is a precision system, failure of one part will compromise the others

• Dirty sprockets (oil contaminated) will impede performance of other components

• Hooked sprockets will damage the chain and severely limit its lifespan.

Quality and Value available from FPS

BGA timing kit prices reduced significantly by 26.8% following a price realignment exercise in the final quarter of 2017. With 280 references covering more than 6,000 applications, BGA kits offer replacement solutions for popular vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Audi, VAG and many more. Each BGA component is manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications and vigorously tested to ensure utmost quality.

Catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat, BGA timing kits are available from FPS via same/next-day delivery. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.