The Importance of Hydraulic Fluid for Hydraulic Health

In the most recent edition of Garage Wire, febi highlights that frequently forgotten fluid can cause damage to components, and risks road safety.

Hydraulic fluids transfer power within a hydraulic system, allowing function and movement between various components such as within the braking or power steering systems, Febi reports.

In addition, hydraulic fluids ensure lubrication to slow wear, and protect against impurities.

Febi’s hydraulic fluid boasts low-temperature properties, to protect the systems from heat transfer and to assist with cooling.

Hydraulic fluids are one of our bestselling oils, providing the high quality needed to support car transmissions.

Febi hydraulic fluid 06161 has an extensive coverage of vehicle models, with applications for Audi, BMW, Skoda, Seat, Vauxhall, MINI and Volkswagen. Part 06161 available same/next day. 

Danger of low boiling point

Like other oils, but perhaps more frequently forgotten, hydraulic fluid needs replacing at regular intervals.

If it is left too long, the oil is contaminated with water which lowers the boiling point.

Over time, internal rust and corrosion can develop and affect parts within the system.

If brake fluid remains unchanged, damage can be caused to calipers and wheel cylinders.

Regular checking of oil levels is also important to ensure systems can run at optimal levels.

Febi supplies a range of oils, which are not universal products but are matched to the vehicle manufacturers’ specific requirements, in order to provide the greatest efficiency.

All fluids are of OE matching quality to ensure optimum performance and long service life to ensure high corrosion protection, excellent lubricating properties, high resistance to ageing and high sticking properties.

The range is also designed to prevent deposits and foam formation to keep vehicle systems clear of contamination.