Arnott Dealer Locator

All GROUPAUTO members have been listed on the Arnott website in the dealer locator section to help drive business from garages directly to their local factor.

Did You Know?

Contrary to popular belief, air suspension products do not last the lifetime of the vehicle. The average service lifespan of air suspension stands at 6 to 10 years due to the degradation of rubber components. This creates excellent sales opportunities for motor factors, in a segment which was previously serviced by dealerships only.

Replacing air suspension is as easy as replacing conventional suspension. It is a matter of dismantling the worn product and replacing it with a new product. No special tools are needed for this, apart from a diagnostic device to reset the fault code on some applications.

To find out more about servicing air suspension, see Tips&Tricks, videos and fitting instructions on PartInfo.

Part in Range

Arnott supplies a range of air springs, air struts and compressors, with 60 parts stocked at FPS. The remaining new parts are available for special order via the FPS branch.