Air Suspension - Additional turnover without additional effort!

More and more vehicles are equipped with air suspension instead of the traditional coil springs. Air suspension is no longer just for the Bentley’s, BMW 7 Series and SUV’s but also for the Mercedes C-Class and Citroën C4 Grand Picasso. Thus, more and more vehicles equipped with air suspension show up at the doorsteps of a workshop. Nevertheless, many customers with air suspension issues are send to the official dealer. Not necessary!

Replacing air suspension is as easy as replacing conventional suspension. It is a matter of dismantling the worn product and replacing it with a new product. No special tools are needed for this, sometimes a diagnostic device to reset the fault code. Replacing an air spring from an air strut is also not a big job and can be a good, economical solution. In case of doubts or questions, the installation manuals with photos and videos by Arnott will help. When a workshop accepts an air suspension job, this will not only generate additional turnover, but the costs for the customer will also be considerably lower compared to a repair at the dealer. An additional advantage is that it increases customer satisfaction. After all, the customer can go to the universal garage for everything!

The Arnott Advantage

  • Highest Quality with Superior Warranties
  • Broadest Aftermarket Assortment
  • Super Simple Diagnosis & Assembly
  • Extra Turnover
  • Cost Savings for the Workplace Customer


Arnott Assortment

  • Completely New Air Struts
  • Remanufactured Air Struts/Shocks
  • Air Springs
  • OES Compressors
  • Coil Spring Conversion Kits


Did you know:

  • A leak is usually easy to find with a water and soap solution
  • The height of the car is not determined by the air springs but by the height sensor
  • A broken or worn out compressor is usually the result of a leak in an air spring