CV-LOGIX embraces TruckTEC

Exol’s TruckTEC, the range of high quality lubricants exclusive to AAUK commercial vehicle affiliates, has delivered its first stock into the CV-LOGIX warehouse, the central distribution centre for GROUPAUTO’s G-TRUCK and UAN CV members.

There are 25 grades of oil now available, covering engine, transmission and gear oils in 25L drums for CV, light commercial, plant and agricultural applications, with six grades of grease in 400g cartridges, 500g tubs, 3kg Tins and 12.5kg kegs.

This also means G-TRUCK and UAN affiliates now have access to a range offering a variety of practical, beneficial features for CV workshops, as well as an ideal opportunity to carefully consider the vast array of products on the market and opt for high quality oil rather than a cheaper, less effective counterpart.

With the supply and installation of quality oils and lubricants as crucial as the fitment of quality components, it is important that CV workshops choose a low-viscosity oil that is resistant to thickening, enabling it to flow more easily, which is particularly beneficial during start-up.

Modern engines benefit most from durable oils that can cope with high mileage and see the vehicle through until its next service. To meet the high demand and added strain of longer journeys, engines need to be filled with high quality, heavy-duty oil, such as those available in the TruckTEC range, and therefore workshops should ensure they are stocking lubricants that protect against wear and maintain the cleanliness of the engine.

All TruckTEC products are blended to meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications and are backed by a quality guarantee to “parts of matching quality” under European block exemption regulations. This ensures that these lubricants can be used for vehicle servicing without invalidating the vehicle or the replacement parts warranty, providing the application is as given in the TruckTEC Technical Data Sheet.

Furthermore, CV workshops are offered a free assessment from TruckTEC to ensure they are using the most appropriate lubricants. This will include: A review of the lubricants currently stocked; an overview of the main vehicle types serviced in the workshop; advice on the best range of products to stock; and, benefits of the TruckTEC lubricants programme to the business.