FPS - Cabin Filters Are "Too Often Overlooked" Warns Blue Print

Cabin filters are often overlooked during regular servicing, Blue Print reports.

Whilst the filter has no effect on a vehicle’s engine or reliability, Blue Print say it plays an important role in protecting the driver and occupants from potentially harmful air pollution.

A spokesperson said: “The cabin filter is much more than a device that keeps insects, leaves and dirt out of the air conditioning system, and it can only do its job if replaced regularly.”

“Air pollution is a fact of life.

If you drive on congested roads or sit in traffic, without a cabin filter you will breathe air that contains high concentrations of dust, soot, pollen, bacteria, viruses and noxious exhaust gases which ultimately damage your health and can cause serious allergic reactions.

The cabin filter cleanses the air entering the passenger compartment and prevents those pollutants from being inhaled by the vehicle’s occupants.

However, it has a finite capacity so a regular/annual replacement is necessary.”

It is important to fit the cabin filter correctly as a poorly installed ‘scrunched-up’ filter will serve very little purpose, with air able to pass by unfiltered.

Blue Print cabin filters are manufactured using the same technology as the OE filter to ensure maximum passenger comfort.

Blue Print’s filter media is made from a non-woven synthetic fibre, which uses advanced melt blown technology to give it form and strength.

Polyphenol coatings can be used to prevent bacteria growth and keep allergens out of the air within the cabin.

Electrostatics create a charge within the fibres as air passes over, which attract particles that could be harmful such as diesel soot nanoparticles.

Activated carbon cabin filters trap nitrogen dioxide to protect passengers from the poisonous gas.

*Source:  http://garagewire.co.uk/news/company/blue-print/cabin-filters-often-overlooked-warns-blue-print/

For further information on any of the above, please speak to your local FPS representative.