Cambiare Explores Ignition Coil Developments

Lifting the bonnet of today’s cars presents a totally different view from that of less than two decades ago. The first view is of a much tidier looking engine, usually shrouded in plastic and surrounded by many unfamiliar looking components. 

Gone is the carburettor, replaced by electronic fuel injection. Gone too is the distributor and ignition amplifier to be replaced by the ECU.

The ignition coil is still there but not in the familiar design and location – and what about the plug leads? Distributor-less ignition systems have been around for many years, more recently the trend has seen a move towards multi-coil systems.

Multi-coil or coil on plug systems have become the way forward for a number of reasons, in particular reliability, performance and cost reduction. Removing the plug leads not only reduces cost and assembly line time but also eliminates a potential source of trouble and possible radio interference.

Benefits of distributor-less ignition systems include:

  •             Improved fuel economy over conventional ignition systems
  •             Improved Exhaust Gas Recirculation tolerance
  •             Lower emissions over conventional ignition systems
  •             Reduced electrical system load
  •             Increased resistance to spark plug fouling
  •             Improved combustion stability at idle speed
  •             Improved idle stability


Why Choose Cambiare?

Cambiare’s has over 310 ignition coils which covers over 20 million vehicles on the UK roads. The Cambiare ignition coils produce a spark which ignites the air fuel mixture within the vehicles engine. The Cambiare coils are manufactured and tested to OE standards to ensure that they meet the high standards and performance criteria of today’s vehicles.

Highlights include:

FPS PN Description Top Application
VE520309 PENCIL COIL Toyota Aygo - 1.0 - 05-14
VE520388 RAIL COIL Vauxhall Corsa - 1.2 - 09-14
VE520199 RAIL COIL Vauxhall Zafira - 1.6 - 05-
VE520126 PENCIL COIL Volkswagen Polo - 1.2 - 09-14
VE520114 DRY COIL Ford KA - 1.3 - 96-08


Value Added Services

  •          2 year or 30,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first
  •         Technical helpline 0845 543 8280
  •         OE quality, BER compliant parts