Blue Print LIVE and febi LIVE Update

In relation to Blue Print Live catalogue, there are some changes happening next week and this will affect Blue Print Live users that are not registered as a direct account holder. For all users that are registered as a direct account holder there will be no change at this stage.

As of next week any non- direct account users of BPL will have their account deactivated. They will receive an email that informs them of this and will direct them towards registering for Bilstein Group Parts Finder.

One of the main reasons for this is that on the 25th May the law changed about how a company can keep hold of personal details.

Please note ALL ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS that are registered already will remain on BPL and can still use web orders and returns after this date.

In summary:

  • There will be no new BPL registrations after Friday 25th – the registration page will be taken down from site.
  • All non-account customers will be deactivated and emailed directing them towards Parts Finder.


febi LIVE Update

In relation to febi LIVE, it will no longer be available after the 25th May. In order to continue with online access to the febi ranges, you will need to use the bilstein Partsfinder, the new bilstein group online catalogue. This new, easy to use search engine provides all the information from febi LIVE. 

Register for Partsfinder now at:

If you have any queries about the topics above, please speak to your local FPS representative.