First Line Turbo Hose Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign raising awareness of First Line's Turbo Hoses, will be in action during May.

Often thought of a dealer only part, this campaign is to raise awareness that Turbo Hoses are stocked by FPS and available for order.

The range includes over 600 hoses plus 20 hose clips, and includes not only turbo hoses but also air filters, emission control and intercooler hoses.

Turbo hoses can be difficult to identify correctly, particular over the phone, so First Line have provided clear technical layout drawings for each hose, showing the position of each part. These can be found against each part number on the F-drive and MAM.

In addition to the F-drive and other FPS marketing media, also being distributed as part of the campaign are a limited number of posters, 'poster pens' and leaflets with the distinctive elephant design for engagement with customers.