Hella Gutmann Solutions Introduces ADAS Certification - Diagnostics expert links up with the IMI to guarantee repair standards

Underlining its prominent position in the field of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) calibration, Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) now offers an Institute of the Motor Industry Quality Assured Programme (IMI QAP) certificated ADAS camera and radar training course, to equip workshops to handle this important technology with complete confidence.

The IMI QAP ADAS course takes attendees through various subjects, including what defines ADAS and its various applications and gives them an understanding of the technology and sensors required to make it function. The course also covers when calibration is required, the differences between static and dynamic calibration and the consequences of incorrect calibration.

“Naturally, in tandem with our market leading camera and sensor calibration (CSC) tool, the course allows attendees to go through the complete pre and post calibration procedure, to enable them to undertake a complete and thorough job” says Neil Hilton, HGS’s head of business development and the powerhouse behind the formulation of the course.

“Although the technology behind ADAS is obviously extremely complex, as long as attendees have an understanding of wheel alignment and possess basic diagnostic skills, the course is completely logical and will present them with no difficulties.

“Another plus is that it’s only a single day course, so there is little to prevent workshops from preparing themselves for this technology, particularly as it affects all sectors of the industry from the bodyshop and windscreen replacement centre to fast fits and the independent workshop, and is already present in a large percentage of the UK’s vehicles.”

Bookings can be made for courses starting mid-February at HGS’s conveniently located head office in central England. For more information, please call the sales team on: 01295 662402 or visit: www.hella-gutmann.co.uk



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