Don’t let your business miss out on upselling opportunities

Recent research has revealed that cars are being serviced less frequently now than ever before. GiPA, market leaders in automotive aftermarket intelligence and driver behaviour, conducted the passenger car focused research in 2016.

Their research highlights two key reasons for this change. Firstly, modern vehicles are more efficient and therefore require servicing attention less frequently. And secondly, the average car owner is not driving as far as they have done in previous years – the rolling average yearly mileage has decreased by 3 per cent between 2012 and 2016.

GiPA’s research also showed that drivers whose cars are still within their warranty period are becoming less likely to consider having their vehicle serviced outside the original manufacturer network.

These findings are likely to impact independent garages, as well as motor factors. Fewer services means a reduced demand for oil, which in turn equates to a decrease in revenue.

Businesses can offset this reduction in income through upselling; by offering a premium quality oil over a lower cost oil alternative.

A premium, quality oil also benefits customers, who will appreciate the improved fuel economy, durability and reduced emissions following service work. This upselling approach also benefits garages, technicians and motor factors by improving profitability, and increasing customer satisfaction. This in turn generates repeat business and enhanced customer loyalty.

The upselling message is vitally important to the automotive aftermarket. So often, we see a race to the bottom on price, but there is also a market for those who would like the best and not just the cheapest. Having a premium quality range available for those customers willing to pay for the genuine benefits this brings provides an opportunity for increased margins.

To cover both angles, TOTAL Lubricants offers both the ELF SPORTI and TOTAL QUARTZ lubricant ranges. For the more price conscious buyer, the ELF SPORTI line provides coverage across six lubricants, meeting the requirements for core independent aftermarket customers. ELF SPORTI still includes high-quality base oils and raw materials. Alternatively, the TOTAL QUARTZ range is based on a higher price point built upon OEM partnerships and approvals formulated using TOTAL’s unique Age Resistant Technology (ART) to fight against friction, corrosion and engine deposits.

Both ELF SPORTI and TOTAL QUARTZ are perfect lubricant ranges at different price points to suit all needs. Drivers will benefit from the premium traits of UK-manufactured products, while both motor factors and workshops can boost profits thanks to a two-tier approach.

To find out more about the new ELF SPORTI and TOTAL QUARTZ ranges, please call 01977 636302 or email Alternatively, please contact James McKnight, Aftermarket Sales Manager, TOTAL UK on 07714 452051 or email Visit for more information.