Multigrade engine oil proves popular for TradeTEC

TradeTEC, GROUPAUTO’s own brand of high quality lubricants from Exol Lubricants, is experiencing high demand for 10W-40 SS Premium, a semi-synthetic, high-performance multigrade engine oil suitable for use in a wide range of passenger cars and vans.


The oil’s naturally higher lubricity ensures lower internal friction to reduce engine wear, and this, combined with its robust additive chemistry providing superior levels of durability, has proved popular with GROUPAUTO members and customers.


The popular product offers a fuel-efficient, multigrade engine oil, blended with high-quality synthetic and mineral based materials suitable for a long list of older vehicles and offering ultimate engine protection for all driving applications.


10W-40 SS Premium is manufactured from a balanced blend of top quality mineral and synthetic base stocks combined with high performance additives to produce an engine oil with excellent protection capabilities.


Suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged, highly-stressed diesel and petrol engines in passenger cars and light commercials, the oil is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based engine oils.


10W-40 SS Premium features in TradeTEC’s brand new brochure, now available to all GROUPAUTO members. The newly-branded brochure clearly lists all available engine, transmission and gear oils, alongside their properties, available capacities and an accompanying image.


All TradeTEC products are blended to meet or exceed the manufactures specifications and are backed by a quality guarantee to “parts of matching quality” under European block exemption regulations. This ensures that these lubricants can be used for vehicle servicing without invalidating the vehicle or the replacement parts warranty, providing the application is as given in the Trade TEC & TruckTEC Technical Data Sheet.


The TradeTEC brand was launched in 2014 and there are currently more than 30 grades available in the TradeTec range comprising fully- and semi-synthetic oils along with premium gear and transmission oils. Covering all makes of vehicle, products are available in a range of sizes from bulk to IBCs to 199L, 20L, 5L and 1Litre packs.