Autoelectro shows its LCV pedigree as it reveals Ford Transit charging fault solution

Autoelectro, the UK’s largest independent remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators, is best-known in the passenger vehicle sector; however, one of the company’s most popular applications is for the Ford Transit. Here, the company presents the answer to a specific problem that exists on the 2.2 TDCi (2006-2012) model.
The Transit issue originates from water and dirt contaminating the crankshaft pulley, leading to excessive vibrations within the auxiliary drive belt system and, ultimately, causing a charging fault with the alternator.
If a technician diagnoses this fault when inspecting this specific model, Autoelectro recommends the following components are replaced:

  • Crankshaft pulley
  • Auxiliary drive belt

Autoelectro also advises that a splash guard should be fitted to avoid reoccurrence of this problem; otherwise, it’s likely the vehicle will be returning to the workshop sooner rather than later.
Professional and comprehensive service
From its Bradford headquarters, Autoelectro supports its customers with a friendly and inclusive service, which offers full cataloguing of more than 4,000 individual references and online sales access, but it is spearheaded by its headline-grabbing technical service.
Complex technology and, consequently, accurate diagnosis is challenging technicians; therefore, up-to-date and regular fitting and technical guides, like the Ford Transit bulletin, to assist them are pivotal – which is where Autoelectro delivers consistently.
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