Banner Group Puts In Positive Financial Performance

Leading European manufacturer of batteries and battery accessories, Banner Batteries, has put in bullish performance for its financial year 2016/17 (April 2016 to March 31 2017). Mirrored by the progress the UK operation continues to enjoy under the direction of Country Manager, Lee Quinney, the Banner Batteries Group saw the sale of starter batteries increase by some 400,000 units over the previous year, reaching a record of 4.5 million. Commercial CEO and joint owner, Andreas Bawart, attributes this success to “the long-term cooperation and partnerships Banner enjoys with its customers and suppliers.”
And with the increase in sales volume being driven primarily by Banner’s environment friendly start-stop batteries (AGM and EFB), which today account for a third of sales volume, Banner saw its consolidated sales revenue rise to €272 million from €258 million. As Andreas Bawart adds: “Banner is making an important contribution to CO2 and fuel consumption reduction in modern vehicles through its start-stop battery programme. Indeed it is a decisive contribution that helps save some 66 million litres of fuel and 164,000t of CO2 annually.”
“In addition, Banner’s batteries are entirely recycled, which clearly demonstrates the company actively practices sustainability from product development to reprocessing,” he added.
Industrial batteries also made a sizeable contribution to Banner Batteries Group result, with sales of €26.5 million, as did exports that account for approximately 95% of production.
On the start-stop front, Banner is confident that it can continue to boost sales, whilst also focusing on E-mobility that is an increasing topic of discussion across the automotive sector. Not surprisingly, Banner is already on pace with regard to the systematic progress and development of the next generation of lead-acid batteries, with every e-vehicle requiring a lead-acid battery for the supply of its electrical system - the e-powered BMW i3 being a perfect example.
Since the early part of the current decade, Banner has been pursuing an ambitious investment programme at its production location in Leonding. During this time, more than €50 million has been allocated to create additional capacity for the production of environment-friendly, start-stop batteries. Moreover, further supplementary investments are in the pipeline in order to ensure that the sales revenue growth target of 20 per cent is achievable.     
Commenting on the results from a UK perspective, Lee Quinney said: “As with the Banner Group performance, the UK operation continues to enjoy its own share of success. In addition to establishing an increasingly significant presence with the major buying groups, securing the IAAF Car Supplier of Excellence Award has done a great deal to augment the confidence that customers have shown in the Banner brand and its commitment to supplying only the highest quality products.
“It is our intention to continue focusing on Banner’s leading O/E pedigree, not to mention the company’s capabilities when it comes to the latest AGM and EFB technology platforms that continue to gain momentum within the UK aftermarket,” he added.